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Craving Something Healthy


Craving Something Healthy is a local blog by Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Anne Danahy. Anne created the website herself using the WordPress theme PureType by Elegant Themes. The only help she needed from me was to create a child theme for her, so any tweaks made to the stylesheet would be saved next time WordPress or her theme was updated. I also helped with minor layout changes, such as making the sidebar larger to accommodate ads and making the header image fit better on the page.

The Freedman Center at MSPP

The Freedman Center at MSPP

The Freedman Center at MSPP, based in Newton, Massachusetts, was formerly known as WarmLines. Although I never did the initial design of the WarmLines site, I have been maintaining and updating it since 2003, as well as doing other online marketing and social media tasks for the organization. In 2009, after WarmLines became a subsidiary of MSPP, I updated the site to make it match the MSPP styling and layout. In 2011 I helped it become fully integrated with the main MSPP site. Credit for the MSPP site design goes to Lynda Schlosberg of Branding Works, I just converted the Freedman Center site to match the MSPP site. The Freedman Center keeps me busy throughout the year helping to promote all of their programs.