Getting Started

NOTE: I am not currently accepting new clients. I have a full time Webmaster / IT job that I really enjoy and that keeps me pretty busy. So although I am still doing updates for my established clients, I am not able to take on new projects.

Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting

If you have not already done so, you will need to register a domain name for your website, such as You can register your domain for as little as $14.99/year at many different hosting companies. An economy hosting plan, often found for as little as $5.99/month is suitable for most small businesses and allows you to install a content management system, like WordPress.


Begin gathering all the content you’ll want for the website: text, photos, logos, etc. How many pages and what kind of content you’ll need varies quite a bit depending on your business. You’ll want an eye-catching home page with an introduction to your business. Do you have favorite fonts and colors that you already use on your print advertising, business cards or sign?

How Long Does it Take Before my Website will be “Live?”

If you call or email me, I can give you a better idea of when I can begin work on a new site. I sometimes have a short waiting list for new projects, but can usually squeeze in updates more quickly.

Another aspect of how long it takes depends on you as the client and if you have your content for the website ready. The actual design and coding process can be done within a month, but it often takes clients a few weeks to draft the text for the website and gather all the photos they want posted. Sometimes I go through many revisions with clients depending on how well they like the initial design and how many changes they need.


Once you decide you are ready to go ahead with a website project, I will estimate the cost based on the number of pages we think you’ll need, and what features you want for your website, such as e-commerce and social media integration. Please note that sites with an e-commerce shopping cart are at least 50% more expensive and take longer to complete. To begin the design work I will ask for a 50% deposit. The remainder is due when the project is completed to your satisfaction.