Rates & Payment

NOTE: I am not currently accepting new clients. I have a full time Webmaster / IT job that I really enjoy and that keeps me pretty busy. So although I am still doing updates for my established clients, I am not able to take on new projects.

New Website Design

Creating an initial website from scratch

I normally design all new sites for small businesses in WordPress, which is very user-friendly for the client to edit themselves once the initial design and set-up is complete. The actual price can vary considerably depending on how many pages your site will have, and what features you will need. If you would like to sell products online with an e-commerce shopping cart, that will increase the price of the website by at least 50%.

Please email or call me to arrange for an initial consultation and I can give you a detailed price quote after I understand your business needs.

Website Maintenance

Updating a website at the client’s request after the initial design phase is complete

If you already have a website, I charge $60/hour to do updates and maintenance. If you have a WordPress site you can do most minor updates yourself, such as editing text and adding photos, and would only need me to do updates if you wanted to add new features to the site or change the layout. If you already have a website designed by someone else, I can still do updates for you at my hourly rate.

Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting

These must be purchased by the client from a third party domain registrar & web host. Fees are about $90/year for a basic hosting plan that will work for most small businesses. See “Getting Started” for more information.

Payments Accepted

I accept personal and business checks or credit card payments via PayPal. When you decide to begin a website project with me, I will give you an estimate of the total cost and ask for a 50% deposit before beginning work. The remainder is due when the website is complete.